Paralym Donation Symbol 【Corporate Version】

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■ Description
The "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" is based on the standards of the Independence Promotion Organization for Persons with Disabilities, and a uniquely created image (symbol) and its certificate are given only to you. We will create it for each order and send you a separate email to inform you of the "Paralin Art Donation Symbol", so please take a moment.

■ Benefits and usage
This is a personal version standard plan. The purchaser will be given a "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" and can use it as a profile image on SNS.

* The "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" does not certify the legitimacy of the posted content or the content published on the website.
We support the idea of ​​Paralym Art and issue the "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" as proof of participation in the activities of the SDGs.
Inquiries regarding the contents of this certificate: SHOUGAISHA JIRITSU SUISHIN KIKOU ASSOCIATION (

■ The owner of this item has the following rights
・ The purchaser will be given a "Paralym Art Donation Symbol" and can use it as a profile image on SNS.

■ Notes on copyright:
-The purchaser does not acquire the copyright of this item.

-Please note that if the purchaser resells this item, the above usage rights that he / she had up to that point will be extinguished (only the transferee has the usage rights).

・ This item cannot be modified by the purchaser.

-The intellectual property rights (copyrights, patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights and other intellectual property rights) of this item are protected by the Company. Therefore, even if you own this item, it does not mean that you have the intellectual property rights of this item.

・ Acts beyond the scope of the above "rights of the owner of this item" and acts that may infringe intellectual property rights (including modification, disclosure, and distribution) without the prior consent of the Company. , Not limited to these) cannot be done.

・ If the purchaser, seller, owner, or other third party suffers damages regarding the purchase, sale, or use of this item, the Company or a third party, regardless of the cause of the damages. Licensee shall not be liable for any liability.

・ This item can be displayed to the public.
The required items to be posted at that time are as follows.
"Work name" "Writer name" "Operating company: Parallelm Art"

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